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About Us

All Craft & Educational Supplies is a one-stop destination for the daily needs of childcare and early childhood development centers. Put humbly, we love what we do… Family values are the essence of our business spirit because, well, we are a family business. In fact, it’s what sets us apart.

Foremost, the health and education of the new generation of young leaders, as well as their teachers and carers, underpins the work we do. But, we also believe that kids need to be kids. They need to explore, experience and evolve. Our products reflect this need whilst also integrating our vision for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Our goal is simple; to work honestly and have our customers recommend us to their peers. We don’t like doing things twice and have a knack for efficient service. 
Lastly, just like the kids we provide for, we believe that life is not worth living without a bit of fun. Because after all, aren’t ‘adults just obsolete children?’ – Dr. Seuss

Let’s work together, email sales@acesupplies.com.au